Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church
   The first authentic landmark in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Canada is the arrival of several Jesuit missionaries in Acadia in 1611. The Récollets first came to Quebec in 1615, and the Jesuits in 1625. In 1657 the Sulpicians arrived in Montreal, and the following year Canada was made a Vicariate Apostolic. The Jesuit missionaries explored the most distant parts of the continent, in labouring among the Indians. Laval, the first vicar-apostolic of New France, arrived in Quebec in 1659. In 1674 Quebec was made a diocese, and Laval became the first bishop. After 1818 Canada was divided into the dioceses of Nova Scotia, Upper Canada, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, and the North-West. In 1841 the chapter of Montreal was established, and in 1874 the diocese of Quebec was subdivided into eight dioceses. The first cardinal of Canada was Archbishop Taschereau.
   Index: Sy Its members excluded from certain civil privileges, 63. Dr Attitude of British government towards, 21, 57, 58; full privileges conceded to, by Quebec Act, 64. S Free exercise of religion guaranteed by Constitutional Act, 12. WM Important part played by Roman Catholicism in Quebec, 16. Bk Faithful to British rule, 47. B Relations with George Brown, x, 44-46; 48-49, 61, 121-128; position and political sympathies in Upper Canada, 125.
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